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PROIRON Pilates / Slimming Combination

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Pilates and aerobics dancing are becoming increasingly popular!

Are you still worried that you won't be able to keep up with the fitness fads? Come and try this bundle now!

The 15mm thick mat provides you with plenty of protection and cushioning, saving you from the risk of injury. At the same time, it also protects the floor.

The 2kg dumbbell will add some resistance to your workout, it's not too heavy and not too light. Don't hesitate to use it when you don't feel tired of training with your empty hands!


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What's more, buying this bundle will save you £7 compared to buying them individually!

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Product Price(£)
2 x 2kg Dumbbell 23.99
15mm Extra Thick Mat 28.99
Buy Individually 23.99 + 28.99 = 52.98
Buy this Bundle 52.98 - 7 = 45.98



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