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Professional Fitness Equipment Supplier

Our products currently cover multiple sports product categories such as weightlifting equipment, yoga supplies, boxing, fitness bands, outdoor sports, sports wear accessories and home fitness aids. We keep regularly updating existing products and launching new products. There are more and more high-quality products looking forward to your discovery.

Global Fitness Equipment Provider

PROIRON has been a global fitness equipment brand since 1997.

We have core modern factory in the world's important steel industry base.

In past 23 years of development, we have been focusing on offering professional weightlifting equipment.

PROIRON export to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. Major buyers come from Fortune 500 companies.

PROIRON, The Sprot Authority

PROIRON's fitness products are not only widely used in gyms, professional sports organizations. PROIRON also helps office white-collar workers, full-time mothers, and home fitness enthusiasts to provide a full range of home fitness solutions

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