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PROIRON 30kg Combination - Break the Limit

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Fans often complain to us that the weight of the PROIRON 20kg dumbbell set does not meet their needs!

Now, we present to you the bundle combination of 30kg dumbbell set for strength training!

If you think 20kg can't meet your needs, then welcome to choose this bundle to buy. Get two products at the same time with a single purchase and receive 30kg total weights!


Discount of this bundle:

What's more, buying this bundle will save you £20 compared to buying them individually!

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Product Price(£)
20kg Dumbbell set 104.99
4 x 2.5kg/2 x 5kg Weight plates 49.99
Buy Individually 104.99 + 49.99 = 154.98
Buy this Bundle 154.98 - 20134.98



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