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PROIRON Bad Boys Combination - Strengthen Core and Limbs

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Dumbbells and kettlebells are indispensable training equipment for us. They are used in different ways and work different parts of the body.

Dumbbells are a relatively independent training system that can be used to build muscle and increase strength.

Kettlebells, on the other hand, are an explosive and core training system that can be used to train physical fitness.

Now all you need to do is buy this bundle and you can enjoy both!


Discount of this bundle:

What's more, buying this bundle will save you £20 compared to buying them individually!

Which means you only need to pay £0.99 to get a 8kg kettlebell!

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Product Price(£)
20kg Dumbbell set 104.99
8kg Kettlebell
Buy Individually 104.99 + 20.99 = 125.98
Buy this Bundle 125.98 - 20 105.98


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