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PROIRON Boxing Mitts

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  • Curved surface - Uniquely engineered with curved surface that absorbs high-volume of impact. It offers flawless position in line with the palm and wrist for efficient hand grip and wrist alignment.

  • Shock absorption padding - EVA & TPE FOAM PADDING helps in protecting your coach’s hands. It also helps in minimizing the shock impact and refrains it from reaching the body. Absorbs almost all of the impact so the trainer receives even less stress on their wrists, palms, elbows and shoulders.

  • Breathable and hygienic - Boxing pads are build using strategically placed aeration holes that keeps the hands well-ventilated, sweat-free and clean. It also minimizes bad odor. It also helps in maintaining correct fist form without the concerns of hand slipping.

  • Extra protection - Our pads provides complete protection on all fingers and knuckle. Added wrist pads is non slip and sweat absorbing to add more stability and security.

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