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Multi-layer Weight Rack for Dumbbells and Kettlebells - Max 200kg dumbbell weight holder

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  • Versatile Design - The dumbbell storage rack has a double layer design. In addition to dumbbells you can also place other weights like kettlebells on the rack.

  • Space-saving Design - Keep your weights well organised. The compact design of this dumbbell weight holder allows you to make better use of your floor space.

  • Heavy Duty One-Piece Steel - The dumbbell weight holder is manufactured from commercial grade One-Piece steel. It's maximum load capacity is 200kg.

  • High Stability & Security - High stability is guaranteed with its long steel pipe base, 450mm in length(Normally 200mm in market), providing a rock-solid base for your weights.

  • Excellent Design - The dumbbell rack is designed with 4 pairs of holders on both sides, fits PROIRON hex dumbbells 3kg/5kg/8kg/10kg. Also with 2 layers of dumbbell holders horizontally, fits PROIRON neoprene dumbbells 2kg-10kg, and PROIRON soft kettlebells 2kg/4kg/6kg/8kg/10kg.



If you are not buying this dumbbell weight holder for PROIRON Dumbbells, please do make sure your own dumbbells can fit this product. You may find detailed size info in the 8th picture. The length of your dumbbell handle should be longer than 11.5cm, and the diameter of your dumbbell handle should be less than 5cm.

Why do we need a dumbbell weight holder?

The dumbbell weight holder is an essential piece of equipment for home fitness routines, offering numerous benefits that enhance the overall workout experience. Here are a few reasons why a dumbbell weight holder is important in home fitness:

  1. Organization and Convenience: A dumbbell weight holder keeps your dumbbells neatly organized and easily accessible. This not only saves space in your home gym but also ensures that you can quickly grab the desired weight without having to search through a pile of dumbbells.

  2. Safety: Proper storage of dumbbells prevents accidents and injuries. A weight holder keeps the dumbbells securely in place, reducing the risk of them falling or rolling away during workouts. This is especially important if you have children or pets in the house who might accidentally trip over loose dumbbells.

  3. Protection of Flooring: Placing dumbbells directly on the floor can cause scratches or dents, depending on the material of your flooring. A weight holder raises the dumbbells off the ground, protecting your floors from damage.

  4. Extended Dumbbell Life: Storing dumbbells in a holder helps to keep them in good condition for longer. Constant exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture can corrode the metal parts of the dumbbells, reducing their lifespan. A holder can shield them from these elements, ensuring they last longer.

  5. Motivation and Workout Consistency: Having your dumbbells neatly organized and easily accessible can serve as a constant reminder to stay committed to your fitness routine. The convenience of being able to start a workout anytime without having to search for equipment can help increase your motivation and consistency in working out at home.

In summary, a dumbbell weight holder is an important addition to any home fitness setup. It provides organization, convenience, safety, protection for your floors, and extended dumbbell lifespan. Click add to cart button now and get your home a proper dumbbell holder!

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