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New School Year Kicks Off! 25% Off Flash Sale! [EVENT]

New School Year Kicks Off! 25% Off Flash Sale! [EVENT]

Once I was a kid, there was one thing confusing me all the time, that is, why my parents would always wish for my new term coming soon during my holiday?

Well, I never wish for that because new term means endless classes, lectures and homeworks... Plus, my holiday just started!!

-----------------(Read the whole article, there's surprise down at bottom)-----------------


Now I am an adult already, and I finally realize that when new term is on its way, parents and their kids having totally different moods is one of the most normal phenomenon:

Parents' mood - The celebration of the "aftermath", and the excitement at the return of their freedom;

Kids' mood - Sad, sad and still, sad.


What should we do after sending our kids back to school?

You tell me. Of course shopping! Of course shopping for workout and fitness gears!

So we are here to provide you a 25% discount for some products!!

This is the best chance to bring back a healthy life to yourself and set a good example for your kids!


What we've prepared:


PROIRON Mini Stepper Machine with LCD Monitor + Free Resistance bands

25% Deal price: 91.49 £  (Original: 121.99 £)

Perfect indoor stair master. Enjoy a stair climbing workout at home!



PROIRON Indoor Stationary Folding Bike

25% Deal price: 142.49 £  (Original: 189.99 £)

No need to go outside and face the sun burse. Have your cycling exercise at home!


PROIRON Adjustable Weight Vest - 10kg

25% Deal price: 29.49 £  (Original: 39.99 £)

The weight of the load can be adjusted at will from 0 to 10 kg, which is the biggest highlight of this product. Buy one weight vest, used by both dad and mum!


PROIRON Sports Water Bottle - 500/1000ml

25% Deal price: 8.99/10.49 £  (Original: 11.99/13.99 £)

Don't forget to hydrate while exercise! It's the key to stay healthy and keep your energy up! 

It's also a good idea to let your kids take one of these water bottles with them to face the new school year!


PROIRON Hex Dumbbell - Choice of Set

25% Deal price: starts from 29.24 £  (Original: starts from 38.99 £)

By buying yourself a set of high quality, high value dumbbells, you'll always be able to urge yourself not to give up your workout!


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Above are the products that can enjoy the 25% OFF! Hope you all can like them~

Feel free to leave a comment of your experience about facing new school year!

We will give away 30% discount code to first three comments!

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  • One discount code have been given to MJ! Congrats!
    My comment doesn’t count😂, so there are still two codes waiting for you to claim!

  • Love those dumbbells, the quality is amazing, especially compared to others if a similar price! Hoping to be able to get some more soon!


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