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A Must-face Problem if You Want to Build a Gym Area inside Your Home. [GUIDANCE] - PROIRON

A Must-face Problem if You Want to Build a Gym Area inside Your Home. [GUIDANCE]

We must admit that having a personal gym area at home is a fantastic thing.

We no longer need to wake up early to avoid crowded gym. And a personal area can also help us strong focus on fitness and stay away from any disturbances.

In the past, we would say:

"Oh! My gym is less than 200 metres from my home, how stupid I am to give it up and build a gym of my own at home? Gyms usually have more professional equipments and this is a thing that home gym can not beat."

Gym at home

Make sence. But none of us could have imagined that the coronavirus would spread globally and run rampant for almost three years. This incident also made us realise how important it is to have a private home gym space as a replacement when we can't go to gym as we want.

Gradually, people starts to build their own home gym, not for replacing gyms for good, but for having a plan-B when things go wrong.


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A Must-face Problem if You Want to Build a Gym Area inside Your Home:

Back to the topic, when you start to build your own home gym, you will face a problem, that is, how to maintain the original decoration style while the room is filled with iron and steel?

If you wish to keep fitness, work and life seperate, then this problem is pretty vital.

But don't worry, we provide a few products that do not look so "iron" or "steel". Trust me, these products can be a bright view at your room.

PROIRON Walnut Designed Dumbbells Set 20kg

18% Deal price: 106.99 £ (Original: 129.99 £)

This kind of dumbbells is still made of cast iron, but the difference is, we decorate its outside with walnut. By doing this, it feels more like a piece of furniture, rather than a fitness equipment.

However, it is still a solid 20kg dumbbells set, so you can use it to do any strength training like using other dumbbells.

We recommend it to you if your home is wooden style. Deal price 106.99 £.


PROIRON Soft Kettlebell - 2/4/6/8/10Kg


15% Deal price: From 16.14 £ (Original: From 18.99 £)

Well, the colour of this kettlebell is youthful and vibrant. And don't get deceived by its outlooking! 

To meantain the stabilisation of kettlebell's COG, we fill it with round iron sand. The most special feature is, unlike any other kinds of kettlebell, it's soft. In other words, you don't need to worry about damage your home floor, or your feet.

We recommend it to you if you are young and fashion, or you are looking for a kettlebell that will do no harm to your floor. Deal price from 16.14 £.


PROIRON Neoprene Dumbbell

Price: From 12.99 £

This is still a solid-cast-iron product but it is coated with a soft and comfortable material called "Neoprene".

We designed many colours for it. Each colour represents a different weight level. The colour scheme is inspired by macarons.

Dumbbell is a rigid requirement for fitness, so we recommend it to all those who wants to build a gym at home. Price from 12.99 £.


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