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How to Choose a Sports Bottle, Especially a Protein Shaker Bottle? [GUIDANCE] - PROIRON

How to Choose a Sports Bottle, Especially a Protein Shaker Bottle? [GUIDANCE]

As we all know, protein is one of our best friend when doing strength training. Sometimes regular eating can not satisfiy our protein needs. This is when protein powder comes to its use.

But if you have blended protein powder with water before, you definitely know how difficult it is to do so without a shaker bottle.


This blog is to tell everyone how to choose a protein shaker bottle properly.


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First thing first, we need to know that protein gets denatured above 100 degrees (Celsius), so never forget not to use boiling water when blending.

Normally we don't require a shaker bottle to be a "Thermos" because we drink up the protein shakes pretty fast in most cases.

So, there is no need to prepare a thermos. A plastic shaker bottle becomes a more economical option.

Don't be afraid of talking about plastic. Many products we use are made of plastic, even baby's feeding bottle. But if you want to buy a plastic bottle, remeber three materials: Tritan, PP and BPA.

Tritan is the best, PP is good. BPA, bad.

It doesn't matter whether it's Tritan or PP7 or PP5, as long as it's "BPA Free". (They are all non-toxic and can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees celsius without releasing any harmful substances)

Therefore, keep your eyes open when selecting a plastic bottle, choose carefully, and see if there is "BPA Free" sign on the bottle (normally on the bottom).

Last thing to know, don't put your bottle into washing machines or dishwashers. Wash it with clean water and wipe it dry, simple.

Make sure to wash it on time after you drink protein shakes! Otherwise, protein shakes will become stinking no matter what kind of bottles you are using!


PROIRON Water bottle - BPA Free 500/1000ml


Price: 11.99/13.99 £

PROIRON water bottle is made of Tritan, and it's BPA free. Therefore, like I said above, this bottle is good to use and does no harm to our health as long as you don't use it for boiling water or put it into washing machines or dishwashers.

Currently buying two bottles in one order can enjoy 25% discount, save 6 £!


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