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PROIRON X 2022 FIFA World Cup Special Event [EVENT] - PROIRON

PROIRON X 2022 FIFA World Cup Special Event [EVENT]

World Cup is coming!!

2022 FIFA World Cup starts from Nov.20, ends on Dec.18.

This year's World Cup is held by Qatar. 

You know? This is the first time in history that the World Cup has been held in Qatar and the Middle East and is the second time that it has been held in Asia (First time is 2002.)

Of course, the thing that brings us the most intuitive feeling is that this will also be the first World Cup to be held in the northern hemisphere in winter.


PROIRON X 2022 FIFA World Cup Special Event

Today, we publish the PROIRON X 2022 FIFA World Cup Special Event, to welcome and celebrate this quadrennial festival!!

Visit and you will be given a World Cup scratch card, just scratch it and try your luck! Discounts awaits~



Argentina | Australia | Belgium | Brazil | Cameroon | Costa Rica
Croatia | Denmark | England | France | Germany
Japan | Morocco | | Netherlands | Poland | Portugal
Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Senegal | Serbia | Spain
Switzerland | Uruguay | USA | Wales


Leave a Comment!

Which squad you think can win this year's FIFA?

Feel free to leave a comment and pick your squad! 

We will give away 20% discount code to first three comments! If the squad you choose win the chanmpion at last, we will give you a 30% discount code in addtion!

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