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Since you are here, how about read this Gift Guidance? [Guidance] - PROIRON

Since you are here, how about read this Gift Guidance? [Guidance]

Wake up!

It's already December!!

Have you started choosing gifts for Christmas?


Well, you'd better start now...


Preparing for Christmas in advance allows us to conscientiously choose gifts for our families and friends.

And if something goes wrong, like the gift is not what you think it is, you still have enough time to choose another one.

So it's never too early to start choosing gifts!

This Blog will briefly introduce some of our products which are suitable for gifts! If you still have no clue on this, I believe this Blog may bring you some inspirations!


-----------------(Read the whole Blog, there's surprise down at bottom)-----------------


What takes an item to be a gift? It needs to follow some requirements.

Requirement 1: Small.

Small is relative. For gift, small means "not too big".

We will have to put our gifts under Christmas tree afterall, if it's too big to be placed, how do you give it to your families?

What's more, a well packed gift represents your elaborate preparation and your best wishes. A relatively small gift can be easily packed.

So, mind the size of the product you are choosing. It doesn't matter if it's pretty heavy, as long as it's "not too big".


Requirement 2: High-quality.

I am kind of the guy who can make do with faulty items if necessary. But when it comes to giving presents, I don't allow any faulty items appear on my present list. I want my families, my friends to have the "best".

Many of you must share the same view with me.

High-quality products can make sure a safe usage and in many cases, it will help us prevent potential injuries.

If you don't know how to screen high-quality products, focus on brands, materials and structures, see if it passes any tests.


Requirement 3: Conforming to interest.

Conforming to whose interest (hobby)? Well, definitely not yours, and definitely not mine!

An old saying goes: "One men's meat is another men's poison".

Your hobby may not be others' hobby, so stoping thinking from your perspective, try to think what others' hobbies are and what they may like.

It is best if you can find out a spcific item they like in advance - a "Precise Strike" is what it is.


If you choose gifts based on the above requirements, I can not guarantee that you will find the best gift, but I do guarantee that you can minimize the possible losses and have a smooth and pleasant shopping process!

And since you are here, why not take a look of our products that are suitable for gifts?


PROIRON Fashion Booty Bands - Black & White Trellis Design

Price: 7.99/11.99 £

PROIRON Trellis designed booty bands are actually resistance bands, but with a more fashionable look.

The inspiration of this design comes from racing and fashion Show.

If someone close to you likes to follow the fashion trend, pick a gift like this could be a brilliant idea.


PROIRON Exercise bands set - 5 levels with handles and door anchor

Deal Price: 21.99 £ (Original 34.99 £)

PROIRON Exercise bands set provides 5 different resistance levels from 10LB to 30LB, you can easily use it to have a progressive training.

Its package is not big but contains full equipments such as handles, door anchor and storage bag, which are all necessary to your daily training.

A fine product to give away as a gift.


PROIRON Boxing reflex ball set - A gift for the whole family

Deal Price: 6.99/8.99 £ (Original 11.99/13.99 £)

PROIRON Boxing reflex ball set is a product that allows you to train your reflex ability in a more interesting way. It's not big, so you can pack it well and easily.

Each set comes with two straps and 3 (or 4) different balls which means one set allows two players training at the same time. 

So you can use this product to make a little contest at home, see who can punch more!


PROIRON Water bottle - BPA Free 500/1000ml

Price: 11.99/13.99 £

PROIRON water bottle is made of Tritan, and it's BPA free. Good for running and biking. It's not big, so you can pack it well and easily.

If the guy you wish to give present to likes doing strength training, this water bottle is also a good choice as it has a protein shake ball inside and he can use it to make protein shakes really fast.

Currently buying two bottles in one order can enjoy 25% discount, save 6 £!



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Leave a Comment!

What is the most interesting gift you've ever received?

Feel free to leave a comment! 

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Updated 6/12/2022

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