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Trick or Treat! Join Our Halloween Event Now!! [EVENT] - PROIRON

Trick or Treat! Join Our Halloween Event Now!! [EVENT]

2022 Halloween is around the corner, we have prepared a special event to celebrate!

Time slot: Oct.24 to Nov.1

Are you ready to join us? Come on!

Halloween meme

PROIRON 2022 Halloween Event 

There are two activities in total. Feel free to join them both!

👻Wheel of Fortune👻

First one is Wheel of Fortune!


I believe many of you had already saw this wheel. This activity is simple, just try your luck and win up to 25% discount!

You can find the entrance of Wheel of Fortune on the left side of your screen.

If you are using mobile device and can not see the Wheel of Fortune, please try PC.

👻Free Gift Giveaways👻

This activity only has 40 places available, Don't miss it!

How to participant:

1. Place an order for an amount greater than £25 or £40;

2. Leave your order id and your best wishes to Halloween in the comment (Bottom of this page).

Comment example: "Order id #1001, I wish everyone a happy Halloween!"

What is the gift:

1. First 20 who leave comment and place an order amount greater than £25 can have a PROIRON Foam Handle Skipping Rope (random color)!

2. First 20 who leave comment and place an order amount greater than £40 can have a PROIRON Yoga Block (random color)!


From Oct.24 to Nov.1.

Welcome to join us in this week! I am looking forward to see you guys in the comments!

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