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PROIRON 2023 Lunar New Year Sale


To celebrate the brand new 2023, we have prepared something special for you!

Come and see what's awaiting!

There will be two events during the lunar new year sale.

Two-by-two Sale:

The rule is, buy selected products and get the next one 40% OFF!

This is the best chance to get yourself paired equipments! A pair of kettlebells, a pair of dumbbells....

Here are the products that can enjoy this sale, click the pictures to go to the detailed pages:

Free-shipping bundle:

Our best seller PROIRON resistance bands set now can enjoy a free-shipping discount if you buy our newest band product!

Remeber to add them both to your cart, and you can enjoy a 5£ deduct as free-shipping discount at checkout!

  + = Free shipping



Rule explanation:

The second one 40% discount will only be applied to the cheaper product of the two products you added.

e.g. Adding two 8kg kettlebells, you can enjoy a 40% OFF for one of the 8kg kettlebell.

e.g. Adding a 8kg kettlebell and a 4kg kettlebell, you can enjoy a 40% OFF for the 4kg kettlebell.

The final interpretation right belongs to PROIRON

-------------------------------------- End --------------------------------------



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Updated 20/1/2023

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