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PROIRON 2023 Valentine's Day Special Sale - PROIRON

PROIRON 2023 Valentine's Day Special Sale

2023 Valentine's day is coming.

To celebrate, we have strictly selected some of our products that we think may suitable for giving gifts during Valentine's day.

These products automatically enjoy 25% discount at checkout with no conditions!

What's more, all other products enjoy 15% discount, just use code "valentine15off" at checkout.

Only a few days left, get prepared in advance before it's too late!

I will list these selected products below. Feel free to click the pictures and browse products' details.


---------------- Selected Products ----------------


PROIRON Neoprene dumbbells - Eco friendly coating

Deal Price: 13.99 ~ 67.99 £ plus 25% discount

PROIRON Neoprene dumbbells are made of solid cast iron with eco-friendly coating, free of phthalate, lead or other harm contents to human. Is there any more important gift requirement than health?

Also, we used Macaron color scheme to make this product fashion. So this product will not lose to other gifts in terms of outlooking.

1kg ~8kg available. 1+2+3kg set available too. Come and pick yours!


PROIRON Boxing reflex ball set - A gift for couples and families 

Deal Price: 6.99/8.99 £ plus 25% discount

PROIRON Boxing reflex ball set is a product that allows you to train your reflex ability in a more interesting way. It's not big, so you can pack it well and easily.

Each set comes with two straps and 3 (or 4) different balls which means one set allows two players training at the same time. 

So you can use this product to make a little contest with your love, see who can punch more and add a little fun to your romantic night!


PROIRON BPA-Free Sports Water Bottle with Filter and Protein Shaker Ball - 500/1000ml

Deal Price: 12.99/14.99£ plus 25% discount

Do you know that human body has almost 60 percent of water? See this percentage and you will realize how important water is.

So buy this bottle and remind your love, don' fotget to hydrate.

Filter and protein shaker ball included, you can easily make a Protein Shake with this bottle.


PROIRON Fashion Booty Bands - Black & White Trellis Design

Deal Price: 9.99/14.99 £ plus 25% discount

PROIRON Trellis designed booty bands are actually resistance bands, but with a more fashionable look.

The inspiration of this design comes from racing and fashion Show.

If your love likes to follow the fashion trend, pick a gift like this could be a brilliant idea.



-------------------------- End --------------------------

The origin of Valentine's day:

Valentine's Day originated from a mix of ancient Roman and Christian traditions. The holiday was named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in the third century. According to legend, Saint Valentine was imprisoned and ultimately executed for secretly marrying couples in ancient Rome during a time when marriage was banned.

In the 5th century, the Catholic Church established Saint Valentine's feast day as February 14th to commemorate his life and actions. Over time, this celebration became associated with romantic love and the exchange of love letters and gifts between lovers.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, the practice of writing love letters and exchanging gifts on Saint Valentine's Day became more widespread, especially among the upper classes. The holiday continued to evolve, eventually becoming a widely recognized celebration of romantic love in the modern era.

Today, Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, often with the exchange of gifts, cards, and flowers, as well as romantic gestures such as candlelit dinners and other acts of love and affection. While the holiday has evolved and changed over time, its origins as a celebration of love and devotion continue to be remembered and celebrated.


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